What are the criteria for selecting the mycotoxin binder

❓❓What are the criteria for selecting the mycotoxin binder ❓❓

🪨🪨As we well known
The problem with mycotoxin contamination is that we can’t inevitably and invisibly. Examining mycotoxin contamination requires a test kit or a laboratory to measure it, which takes a long time to solve the problem.

✊✊Then…. is it better? If we can reduce the potential problems or damage to our farm.

✅✅The criteria for the selection of the mycotoxin binder product should be as follows:
📌Guaranteed quality and efficiency from actual use in animals
📌Ensure by the in vitro experimental results evaluated through the world-class standard laboratory
📌Ensure by the in vivo experiments in swine, poultry, and ruminants. And can be measurable by ROI

“Should select the mycotoxin binder product that reduces problems in animals indeed…..Not considering only the efficiency of the product through the laboratory.”

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