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Since 2004, we have been serving the customer needs to reach their goals.

ASP is a partnership with animal feed manufacturers and farmers. Focus on creating different and high-quality products to promote the domestic and international husbandry industry for maximum profit.

ASP believes that making a good difference in the market causing competition and continuous development for the best benefit of animal feed manufacturers and animal farmers. According to the approach that we focus on is “difference for your benefits”


ASP is the leading international pharmaceutical manufacturer in Asia. Covering poultry, pigs and ruminants, and aquaculture under international standards such as ISO9001: 2015, GMP, HACCP, FAMI-QS, and PIC/S. ASP solutions meet all customer requirement and increase product confidence by receiving the Thailand Trust Mark (TTM) logo for Thai product export.

ASP, quality inspection under a laboratory that has complete equipment, accuracy, and validation with an internationally recognized external laboratory under the ISO17025 standard.

ASP extremely invested in research and development of innovative products both from ASP and Collaborative. We collaborate with the internal agency (VRI) and external (NSTDA, universities, etc.) with international recognition.

ASP answers all customers’ needs to make the highest benefits with the “ITAC”, the extensive experience team in Asian region collaborates with world-class academics and external agencies

ASP is the part of the Vet Products Group, the group of companies with top 3 sales in the feed supplement and veterinary pharmaceuticals business of Thailand.


For the good health of animals, humans, and The world, with innovation and value products and services together with standard quality and advanced technology to meet and exceed customer expectations, employees are happy in their working lives and have good health together.


  1. New business development to customers and partners by connecting partners to continuously expand the business and develop the company’s business into potential countries.
  2. Corporate Social Responsibility creates trust among stakeholders and give serious importance to being responsible for society, communities, nature and the environment with the principles of good governance for sustainable business growth.
  3. Marketing focuses on providing consumers with innovative products and services, quality and variety, able to compete in the international market.
  4. Production : Promte the development of supply chain management and focus on consumers getting the most benefit by producing and delivering valuable products and services with machinery modern technology under the ECO SYSTEM.
  5. Development towards AI Transformation and use modern information technology in the organization to connect and deliver heartfelt services to customers and partners.
  6. Human Resource Development : To have morality, knowledge, skills, and leadership. Able to work and live in balance with a happy working atmosphere.


Commitment to produce and service products with quality and safety by the regulations and laws. Continuously develop work systems and personnel to create a high level of satisfaction for customers

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