What are the criteria for selecting a mycotoxin binder?

❓❓ What are the criteria for selecting a mycotoxin binder?
🪨🪨 Mycotoxins are a problem that cannot be avoided or seen with the eye, as we are all aware.
To check contamination, one can use a test kit or send it to a special laboratory for measurement, but it takes time and cannot be resolved immediately.

✊✊ Would it be better? If the product that binds mycotoxins efficiently could help prevent any problems or damage that might arise on our farm?

✅✅ The following are the criteria for selecting a mycotoxin binder:
📌Guaranteed quality and efficiency from actual use in many countries.
📌Ensure by the in-vitro results have been examined by a laboratory with world-class standards, Romer laboratory, Austria.
📌In-vivo measurement has been done on many animals; including swine, poultry, and ruminant. Moreover, with confidence, if there is a profit that can be calculated by ROI or return on investment.

“Choosing an effective product can actually decrease animal problems and can be measured, not just in laboratory effectiveness”

✊✊ We understand the important issues that customers face. Our partnership with a prestigious company in Mexico, has resulted in the developed product, Mexsil. Mexsil is an effective solution for controlling the mycotoxin problem and reducing damage that can be measured.

🥇Mexsil has available animal data and measurable results, along with a quality guarantee from The Embassy of the United Mexican States.


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