✡Effects of Virogreen to reduce accumulated mortality and control CT-Value of RT-PCR test for ASFV in starter pigs

✡Virogreen is the natural extract products from chestnut husk and others phytogenic extracts, moreover, Virogreen including energy source. Virogreen has a lots of benefits, anti-inflammation, antipyretics, anti-oxidant and also inhibits destruction of specific immune cells ,then, recover pig performance.

✡Method of the trial
1.Starter pigs 24 pigs divided to
?️Control group 12 pigs = Normal feed providing
?️Virogreen group 12 pigs = Virogreen Supplement 2 kilograms/ton of feed
2.Duration 14 days
?️Accumulated mortality %
?️CT-Value of RT-PCR test for ASFV by pig
?️%Accumulated mortality in Day 8 , Virogreen group has lower than Control group 50%
?️CT-Value of RT-PCR test for ASFV, Reducing of Control group’s CT-Value has higher than reducing of Virogreen group’s CT-Value 81.29%
?️Virogreen supplementation has a lots of usefull by reducing severe and lossing from ASFV disease and has time for spending with good management to stop the disease

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