Virogreen X: Unblocked Cell-Mediated Immune For preparing vaccination

🐽Virogreen X: Unblocked Cell-Mediated Immune For preparing vaccination

💉Once the animal has been vaccinated, Adaptive immunity such as T-cells and B-cells are very important in forming immunity against the disease after vaccination. The B-cells are involved in the production of antibodies and T-cells are important in destroying and remembering the virus for a long time.

☘️Virogreen X composition are several kinds of the natural extract which has the effect of inhibiting the ASF virus, reducing inflammation, reducing fever, reducing free radicals, Contains energy-boosting substances that help restore pigs back to strength, and most importantly it can inhibit the destruction of Adaptive immunity cells in pigs by inhibiting the activation of NF-kB. That reduces the production of cytokine and inhibits B-cell and T-Cell apoptosis.

👍Ensure that using the VirogreenX can help to reduce the severity of ASF and Boost the immune system. Ready for vaccination as well.

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