The Solution to the Problems that Come with Alternative Feedstuff

🔔🔔The Solution to the Problems that Come with Alternative Feedstuff

🌾🌾Due to the current condition of feed raw materials, the price has continuously increased. Especially in corn and soybean meal, As a result, the cost of animal feed increases. Animal farmers need to use alternative feedstuff instead of corn and soybean meal in feed formula. The alternative raw materials that can be found are as follows:

🌽🌽Alternatives to corn
Imported ingredients
• Wheat
• Barley
Locally available ingredients
• Cassava and by-products
• Rice and rice by-products
• Sorghum
• Crude glycerol
• By-product from bakery production
• By-product from noodle production

🌰🌰Alternatives to soybean meal
Imported ingredients
• Canola/rapeseed
• Meat and bone meal
Locally available ingredients
• Palm kernel meal
• Brewer’s dried grain
• Vermicelli waste
• Sesame cake
• Single cell protein
• By-products from MSG
and lysine production
• By-product from sugar cane production

🔥🔥The problem with alternative feedstuff is some feedstuff groups contain substances that reduce the nutritional value of the feed (anti-nutritional factor), such as non‐starch polysaccharides (NSP) and phytate, which if there is a high proportion of this group of substances will affect the digestion and absorption of minerals and nutrients of animals. One of the more common problems with alternative feedstuff is mycotoxin contamination which affects the health and edibility of animals.

🤓🤓That’s why ASP has selected products that meet the needs to solve the problems. The Produce can divide into two groups: A group of enzymes that aid in the digestion of NSPs and Phytate allow animals to maximize their feed efficiency. And the second group is mycotoxin catcher products.

✅✅Enzyme products include Bezyme, Bezyme NSP, Concenzyme NSP, Concenzyme NSPII, Physnap, etc.

✅✅Mycotoxin trapping products include Dx-plus, Toxitel, Mycotel FZ, Protox, Maxisorb plus, etc.

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