Physnap : A worthy option to reduce feed costs.

✅Physnap : A worthy option to reduce feed costs.

?The current feed raw material prices are still on a rising trend. especially the main raw material in animal feed such as Mono-dicalcium phosphate (P21%). It is an important raw material in animal feed because it provides the calcium and phosphorus necessary for the growth performance of animals. ASP realizes the importance of reducing production costs for customers as much as possible. Therefore, the enzyme Physnap was invented.

?Physnap, the fastest-acting 6 – E.coli phytase expressed on Aspergillus Niger, completely releases phosphorus from the upper digestive tract. Phytase (Myo-inositol hexakisphosphate phosphohydrolase) catalyzes the stepwise removal of phosphate from phytic acid or its salt phytate in order to reduce the binding capacity to nutrients and promote animal phosphorus utilization. The complex structure released amino acids, protein, minerals, and phosphorus. Because nutrients are absorbed better in the small intestine, animals supplemented with Physnap will have better performance. Moreover, Physnap can decrease 40% of MDCP in feed formular, which is calculated from the feed formula of nursery pigs to fattening pigs amount 1,000 sows that giving 24,000 pig/year, it can reduce the cost of MDCP approximately 916,836 baht per year when using matrix formulation of the enzyme.

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