MICRODIS Long Lasting Effect!!!Even with mixing after 72 hours

🏆MICRODIS Long Lasting Effect!!!
Even with mixing after 72 hours 👍

🔰MICRODIS is a disinfectant product that can effectively kill bacteria even when mixing and used for up to 72 hours, it also has outstanding properties in foaming.

MICRODIS is a disinfectant product whose main component is glutaraldehyde, has a good disinfectant effect and quaternary ammonium compounds Generation 5.0, the latest generation of QUAT compounds, has the effect of killing and inhibiting microbial more efficiently. MICRODIS has passed the test and experimental results confirm its ability to effectively control bacteria, viruses, and fungi.

🚩MICRODIS has high efficiency, durability, and long-lasting effects. ASP confirmed the effectiveness of the product by:

  1. Mix MICRODIS at a concentration 1: 400.
  2. Test after 24 hours, 48 hours and 72 hours.
  3. Measure the number of colonies of bacteria, fungi, and yeast after incubation.
  4. Interpret disinfection efficiency results

It was found that the number of bacteria found was less than 50 CFU/0.2 ml or it can be concluded that MICRODIS is effective in killing microbial even after 72 hours of mixing

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