“MEXSIL” Best Mycotoxin binder confirmed by trial results in Thailand

“MEXSIL” Best Mycotoxin binder confirmed by trial results in Thailand 🇹🇭
🦠 Mycotoxin is a problem that goes unnoticed in Thailand due to the low contamination levels. It negatively impacts the performance of animals in production and farm profits.
✅ Choosing a mycotoxin binder is crucial. It is necessary to have good results in the laboratory (in vitro) and also have good results with animals. Thus, it can be confirmed that it is an efficient mycotoxin binder.

🔰 MEXSIL is a highly effective binder for mycotoxin. Numerous countries have confirmed it. 👍🏻
🌟 From the youngest volcano in the world comes the only unique source of high purity.
🌟 Romer Labs, World’s standard and leading institute, tested mycotoxin binding efficiency and found it to be high.
🌟 Evaluating the effectiveness of mycotoxin binder is the highest Merit score.

🔰 MEXSIL is the most effective mycotoxin binder that has been tested in Thailand. 🇹🇭
Mycotoxins can improve the performance of both duck and swine.
🪿🐥 Zearalenone was found in meat ducks feed during testing, but the FCR was less than 4 points.
Additionally, the culling and survival rates were as high as 98.8%, and the Performance index was superior to the control group which used another brand.
🐖🐷 T-2 toxin was found in feed during testing in small-to-fattening pigs, but it resulted in a higher eating rate.
Approximately 50 grams per day was added to the growth rate, and there was a decrease in the number of small-sized pigs. As a result, the performance index was superior to other brands in the control group.
MEXSIL is highly effective at binding to mycotoxins, as demonstrated in vitro and in vivo. The proof was validated by Romer Labs and also confirmed by farms used in Thailand.

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