How to protect How How​ to protect eggshell quality in the summer season?

🐣🐣How to protect eggshell quality in the summer season?

🔥🔥In the summer, a frequent problem in raising animals is the occurrence of heat stress which can affect product performance and it had a massive impact on the layer and breeder poultry industry. Forasmuch heat stress is caused by too high temperature and relative humidity in the air. Heat stress causes the animal to experience stress from being unable to get rid of excess heat, resulting in the behavior of panting. In severe cases, the animal may become mortal.

🐔🐔Panting behavior cause changes in the acid-base balance within the animal’s body. Due to panting, animals will excrete a lot of carbon dioxide that makes the blood alkaline. So, call, this situation is Respiratory alkalosis. Animals need to adjust the acid-base balance in the blood by excreting Bicarbonate through the kidneys. Still, birds in the egg producing period need Bicarbonate to bind to calcium to become calcium carbonate in the eggshell formation process. Therefore, Bicarbonate loss from heat stress results in the problem of thin-shelled eggs easily cracked eggs.

♻️♻️Preventing the occurrence of thin shell eggs from heat stress can be raising the poultry in Evaporative Cooling System that can control the temperature in the house, or there is equipment that reduces heat in the open house. In addition, nutrition is essential during heat stress, as chickens under this condition have a lower feed intake. Hence, it is important to supplement vitamins and minerals such as Zn, Mn, Cu, and Se to help maintain the quality of eggs and eggshells to reduce the impact on productivity caused by heat stress.

✅✅ASP realizes the problem of heat stress. Therefore, we have developed Shellguard plus products containing vitamins and minerals such as Zn, Mn, Cu as co-factors of related enzymes in the eggshell formation process. It also includes Se, which is a good antioxidant. to maintain the freshness of the eggs for extended shelf life. There is a product trial result. It can increase the shell strength by 41% (> 3,000 g/cm2 pressure force). It can calculate the return on investment (ROI) at 6.05 times** (calculated from the ability to reduce the occurrence of cracked eggs get 2% when using Shellguard plus 1kg/ton feed, and the selling price of eggs is 3.4 baht/egg).

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