Flies, the dangers of pig farms, part 2

Flies, the dangers of pig farms, part 2

In Part 1, we discussed sanitary control of flies. Today, let’s talk more about how to control and get rid of flies by using chemicals.

2. Control of flies by using chemicals

substances used to control flies should have the following properties:

> Highly efficient use a small amount and flies are difficult to build resistance.

> Has a long-lasting effect not decaying too quickly

> It is safe for people. Pigs and off-target creatures, and if it gets into the body, can be decomposed or excreted from the body quickly. no accumulation

> It can be degraded by microorganisms in nature, does not remain in the environment for a long time but must have a residual effect for a period of time to have the impact eliminating flies

> Easy to use, convenient, no need for complicated tools

> Non-corrosive or obstruction until damage to the instrument, sprayer

> Low price, worth to use

In addition to the chemical properties, one must consider the suitability of each point to be used as well. Whether used to control worms, flies, or spray removal in the resting place bait, hanging, or diffusing plating material, each method has different principles to consider. As for which group of chemicals to choose? Next time we will talk about it.

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