Concept of using enzymes to solve the continuously rising cost of raw materials in s

?Concept of using enzymes to solve the continuously rising cost of raw materials in swine feed

?At present, feedstuff prices are trending high continually. Especially energy source feedstuff such as maize, broken rice, wheat, etc., affect farmers and extrapolate highly prices of feedstuff are continue for long times. Therefore enzyme is one choice for solving these problems are occurring in the present. That is the cause why ASP selects high quality and complete enzymes to make the most efficient feed digestion and reduce the cost of swine production as much as possible.

?Bezyme NSP and Conzenzyme NSPII are specific enzyme that consists of
• Complex NSPs enzyme
• Phytase
• Gluco-amylase
• Acidic protease

Each enzyme act synergistically to digest feedstuff. Bezyme NSP and Concenzyme NSPII are enzymes with the highest digestibility in the market. There are also experimental results confirming that it can increase the return on investment (ROI) and production performance.
The concept of the enzyme for application with, two ideas are

  1. Matrix value-form in feed formula is the concept for reducing using feedstuff in feed formula by using a full matrix form that can reduce the amount of maize was 8.77 kg/pig or reduce feed cost was 1.51 Baht/kg of a pig. The fattening pig farm size was 20,000 pigs, which could reduce feed costs by 2,268,410 Baht.
  2. Top on is the concept that is used to increase pig production performance. This concept can increase ADG and decrease FCR. In experimental, it can increase ADG was 10 g/pig/day. which can calculation reduce the rearing day for two days, reduce the feed consumption by 5 kg/pig or reduce feed cost 60 Baht/pig. The fattening pig farm size was 20,000 pigs which can reduce feed costs by 1,200,000 Baht

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