Concenzyme NSP ll multi-concentrated enzymes for poultry

Concenzyme NSP ll is a multi-concentrated enzyme that contains a variety of enzymes, suitable for the nutrient requirements of animals. The increasing of feed ingredients prices and the shortage of feed ingredients is a serious chllenge in animal production nowadays. This situation will increase the cost of animal production unavoidably. The addition of enzymes to the feed will increase the release of nutrients from raw materials and help to reduce the cost of animal feed. Including extending the raw materials stock for a longer time.

Concenzyme NSP ll is multi-concentrated enzyme that Contains a variety of enzymes that complete and suitable for animals. Proved efficiency through many test results, confirmed that CONCENZYME NSP II has the highest digestibility in the market. Moreover, Concenzyme NSP ll can decrease 2.45% of corn consumption, which is calculated from the feed formula of 1,000,000 layer hen, it can reduce the cost of corn by approximately 6,072,941 baht per year when using matrix formulation of the enzyme.


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