Bezyme NSP is multi NSP enzyme that contains a variety of enzymes and completely releases nutrients to swine

At present, the pig farming business uses the main feed ingredients as various energy crops such as corn, broken rice, and cassava, etc. In which these raw materials contain a high amount of Non starch polysaccharide (NSP) and phytate, and animals are unable to produce enzymes to digest these nutrients. In addition, because the prices of agricultural commodities in the world market tend to increase, causing the cost of feed raw materials such as corn to be higher, affecting animal farmers accordingly. That is the cause why ASP selects high quality and complete enzymes to make the most efficient feed digestion and reduce the cost of swine production as much as possible.

Bezyme NSP is a specific enzyme that consists of Complex NSPs enzyme, Phytase, Gluco-amylase, and Acidic protease. The Model-C is a complex NSP enzyme that contains more than 5 types of enzymes with synergist effects. We selected Phytase from E.coli phytase that is capable of digesting phytates from the beginning of the gastrointestinal tract. Gluco-amylase selected can digest both straight and branched polysaccharides into glucose, allowing animals to be absorbed and used quickly. The selected acidic protease is most suitable for mono-gastric animals such as pigs, and Bezyme NSP is the enzyme with the highest digestibility in the market. There are also experimental results confirming that it can increase the return on investment (ROI) and production performance. Moreover, Bezyme NSP can decrease 5.42% of corn consumption, which is calculated from the feed formula of nursery pigs to fattening pigs amount 1,000 sows that giving 24,000 pig/year, it can reduce the cost of corn approximately 3,037,309 baht per year when using matrix formulation of the enzyme.

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