Are you Tired?Can get many piglets but unable to hold.

Are you Tired?
Can get many piglets but unable to hold. 💥💥

🐷Piglets represent the direct swine production and profit, especially in the situations of high raw-material price. Holding as many weaning piglets as possible will positively affect to farm profit. Currently, the farms are focusing on the hyper-prolific sows but unable to hold the piglets all.

🚨The weak-point management of the hyper-prolific sow is the number of piglets more than the udders. Moreover, the negative energy balance is found in every sows during the lactation period but the sows incapable of feed-intake. Lastly, when piglets are weaned, they lose much of their offspring.

⭐️However, ASP is concerning in this issue and developing feed additives for lactating sows; “LACTAPREME”, to meet the 3 key success in this period.
1️⃣Stimulate appetite and feed intake
2️⃣Energy and nutrients support
3️⃣Increase milk production and quality

💖LACTAPREME is the key to solve the problems in lactating period.💖

📍From the result of Lactapreme trials in more than 10 years show that
Lactapreme can improve…

  • Stimulate appetite and feed intake
  • Energy and nutrients support
  • Reduce sow body weight loss and culling rate
  • Reduce weaning to first service interval; WFSI
  • Increase pregnancy rate and litter size
  • Increase milk production and quality
  • Increase immunity

And Lactapreme can also improve weaning pig’s performance as follows…

  • Increase average daily litter weight gain; ADLWG 0.37%
  • Reduce pre-weaning mortality; PWM 7.06%

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