Constipation during gestation is a serious issue⁉️

Constipation during gestation is a serious issue⁉️🐖💩

☀️El Niño has a negative impact on the amount of rain in Thailand. The feed formula requires the use of specific raw materials, particularly fiber, which is essential for sows during gestation.🌱
💧The farm may have a limited amount of water, in addition to the restrictions on raw material. This poses a danger to not drinking enough water. Constipation problems can be attributed to this significant cause.

❗️Constipation is often a neglected problem.
The gastrointestinal motility can be caused by constipation problems. This leads to an increase in gastrointestinal bacteria and the release of toxins. That affect the sows which resulting in a decrease in milk production.
❗️Most importantly, it increases the gestation period brings in weak piglets, and additionally, the effect is directly to the performance of the farrowing unit,
such as

  • Increased mummified foetuses
  • Increased abortion rate
  • Increased stillbirths

💫With component 0f Gestapreme synergist to solve of constipation
✅Laxative effect
✅Improve hormone activity
✅Improved stillbirth mortality(reduce mortality)

📍From trial experiment of laxative additive improved stillbirth mortality by 1 pig per little
⭐️With 1000 sows, farrowing rate by 85%, litter/years = 2.4 ⭐️Improved stillbirth mortality by 1 pig per little
⭐️Give profit 2,040,000 Baht/year (ROI = 2.78)💵💵

Just use of 15 g. of Gestapreme per sow for 1-2 months before Farrowing, Can solve the persistence problem that improve piglet/sow/year💕

If you require any information about this product, please don’t hesitate to contact our dedicated Seller Department at VPG.💕

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