👍Maximize profit to your farm by Lactapreme

👍Maximize profit to your farm by Lactapreme
🥇Lactapreme is the best choice for lactating sows

🐽Currently, the swine production industry faces many problems such as problems with ASF, problems with higher production costs, etc. All the problem causes farms to use the money to help biosecurity on the farm. Or spend it on buying expensive feed ingredients to keep their pig business alive. Therefore, increasing the farm’s income is very important. And the key to making profits is the increased survival of weaning piglets. Because more weaning piglets will result in more fattening pigs which will increase profits accordingly. Another important thing is high weaning weights may affect future growth. If the weaning weight is good, it will result in a good fattening weight. It can reduce rearing day and feed costs as well.

🚨ASP realizes the importance of this point, thus we have developed “Lactapreme”, a product that can help with
• Production performance
• Feed intake
• Support energy for sow. It also increases milk production both in quality and quantity for piglets.
• When the piglet receives immune from colostrum that helps them strong and grow well. Consequently, the decrease in preweaning mortality and increase in weaning weight accordingly.

🐖The result of the latest trial in Danish sows, The trial showed that Lactapreme supplementation
• Increased the average weaning weight by 620 grams per pig
• Reduced the average pre-weaning mortality by 4.1%
• resulting in a return on investment of 6.6.
• Calculated from 2,400 sows farm that giving 69,120 pig/year that increasing 2,833 piglets/year from reduced pre-weaning mortality, increase the money about 9,065,600 baths when we sell weaning pigs (Weaning pig price= 3,200 baths per piglet).

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